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My name is Jason Smylski.  I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their health goals.  I've been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2007 and am 2200 hour recognized.  My experience, intuition and proven results have made my services to be well favoured.  I truly enjoy helping others.  Whether it's a nasty headache brought on by a clenched jaw, improper work ergonomics that make the simplest task unbearable or you're training for a big race and you can't seem to shake that nagging injury, my treatments will not only garner an improvement with the original issue you sought treatment for, but they'll also help with you with your over all wellbeing and reduce stress.  

I've specialized in therapeutic massage for many years, meaning if there are muscles imbalances, I will focus on correcting those issues to help your body function properly again.  I have a sports background and regularly work on athletes.  I understand the body quite well when it comes to sports related injuries.  Some of my athlete clients include triathletes, swimmers, cross fitters, golfers, tennis players and runners.

Mobile Massages are a great option.  Many of my clients are also couples/parents.  Schedules with kids, activities and work can be challenging, so having a mobile massage come to you is very valuable.  One parent puts the kids to bed while I'm working on the opposite parent, then you switch and the other parent gets to relax right before bed.

Whether it's addressing a specific injury or just taking the time for some self care with a relaxation massage, I am happy to lend my services to helping you achieve what your body requires.


Professional.  Respectful.  Quality.  Prompt.  Courteous.  

As a practicing massage therapist and health care professional for many years, it is important for me to understand each of my client's individual health history and learn about your treatment needs.  Once we confirm our appointment time I will send an intake form for you to fill out.  This will provide basic information about the upcoming massage and relay any past issues or injuries, medication, contraindications and personal information pertinent to our transaction.  You will sign the intake and consent form. 

Your home is your sanctuary.  It is a place to feel safe, and as such, I respect my client's personal space, their safety and their wellbeing.  I will arrive 15 minutes ahead of our scheduled appointment time to set up, answer questions and prepare for your treatment.  I provide everything involved for the massage treatment.  I come with a massage table, high quality linens, heating pad, a blanket, pillows, massage oil and a small stool.  All I require from you is a space in your home large enough for a massage table and room for me to work around it.  

Before the treatment begins, we will discuss any health concerns that might have been disclosed. We will also chat about your treatment goals and any questions.  At any point during the treatment, you the client, are able to change or adjust any aspect of the massage.  Throughout our whole interaction and treatment, I will communicate and outline all steps of the process and answer any questions you might have.  My treatments will always include respectful and proper draping (to only uncover the specific area of the body that is currently being worked on).  My goal is to leave you feeling happy and relaxed and that your physical issues have been positively addressed.  


My hope for all of my patients is that they’ll find happiness, balance and a reduction of pain or discomfort as a result my treatments.  My therapeutic approach is meant to promote and empower wellbeing in those around me.  I believe in taking responsibility for your own health and happiness and I'm here to be a part of your tribe of people that you can call upon to help you achieve your goals.  No one can do it on their own and it takes honest effort and hard work to get there.  I'm stoked to be in your corner to lend you my talents and skills.

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