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Adding Value, Wellness and Convenience to the Workplace

Having a mobile massage therapist come directly to your workplace is a great way to help aid the productivity and wellness of your employees.  There are two main corporate programs we offer.   The first is where we utilize an empty office, boardroom or gym for full length treatments - employees paid for the massages themselves and were able to claim the treatment under their health insurance benefits - so no cost to the employer.  The second is where the employer treats their staff to short clothed massages to help them destress and incentivize employees to come into the office and promote post covid team-office culture.  Each option can create immense merit and value - all depending on your specific needs, budget and culture.  The universal theme is convenience and the execution of providing a service that promotes mental and physical wellness.

At first glance the idea of your employees interrupting their work day to go for a massage might seem counterproductive, but recent studies have shown the many short term and long term benefits of massage.  Depending on the policies and culture of the organization, employees may choose to have the massage during their lunch hour or may be allotted personal time to attended appointments.

Benefits include:

1) Convenience - employees don't have to travel to a clinic.  Less time away from the workplace = more productivity and more billable hours for the employer. 

2) Stress Relief - A whopping 85% stress reduction!  Stress levels measured before and after each massage found one of the biggest benefits of massage therapy to be a seriously effective office stress reliever.

3) Balanced Mood - One of the big benefits of mid day massage treatments is that they've been shown to increase levels of serotonin and norepinephrine.  

4) Relieves Muscle Tension & Pain - Back pain is literally cut in half with regular corporate massages. A decrease of 48% was seen in the studies on back and neck pain and tension.

5) Improves Quality of Sleep - Over multiple studies, the average improvement in sleep quality was 28%. That includes increased duration as well as fewer sleep disturbances.  Well rested employees = happy, more productive employees.

6) Headache Relief - Headaches are decreased by and average of 48% in duration and intensity with regular onsite massages.

7) Lowers Blood Pressure - Across multiple studies, there was an average of a 10% drop in blood pressure, which may not sound like a lot. But that’s literally the difference between a hypertensive blood pressure and normal one, and that’s without any medication at all! Plus these studies showed that there was a lasting effect and the benefits of corporate massage programs showed very clearly as the massage group continued to have lower blood pressure than the control groups for weeks after treatment stopped.

8) Can Help Prevent Or Treat Repetitive Strain Injuries - On employees doing repetitive movements, regular massage reduces the occurrence of repetitive stress injuries by over 40%.

9) Helps Immune Function - In the studies on immune function, the good cells of the body perform 35% better as one of the benefits of massage, and this is especially true for auto immune and inflammatory illnesses.  Massage helps the body recover and regulate.  

10) Increases Mental Focus, Alertness and Clarity - After in-house massage, employees in two studies show increased alertness, speed and accuracy on math computations following their treatment.  Their focus and mental energy were both reported at an increase level.

If you work in OHS or HR in your company and are looking for a progressive way to add value and productivity to your employees and workplace, in-house mobile massage is an incredible service.  Many employees that we've treated over the years have commented that they weren't taking advantage of their benefits before and never had a massage.  They also mentioned that time and convenience (or lack thereof) were also a big factors as to why they didn't consider going for a massage.  After all was said and done, they were grateful that they had the opportunity to take advantage of the massages at their workplace.  


Depending on the size of your company, we have a variety of options to suit your needs.  Please note, there will be a cost savings for multiple in-office massages that will be passed along to the client.  Specific pricing, scheduling and logistics will be discussed.  Feel free to reach out to chat about how this service could bring great value to your organization.  

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